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Action Against Cancer funds the development of cures for cancer at leading institutions such as Imperial College London, the University of Sussex, the University of Manchester and Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge.

The groundbreaking programmes that we fund focus on developing new diagnostics and treatments to improve the survival prospects and quality of life for millions of cancer sufferers worldwide. Much of this work is led by world-renowned oncologist, Professor Justin Stebbing.

For a sample view of some published scientific papers detailing research partly or wholly funded by Action Against Cancer, please click here.

To read about some of the projects in the scientist's own words, please see:

Dr. Biancastella Cereser, Dr. Nina Moderau, Dr. Silvia Ottaviani, Rosemary Lane, Dr. Elena Lopez-Jimenez, Neha Tabassum, Dr. Niklas Feldhahn and Dr. Philip Lawton