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Published Papers

Below is a sample of published papers describing work wholly or partly funded by Action Against Cancer. Please click to enlarge the samples.

  1. The Inhibitory Properties of a Novel, Selective LMTK3 Kinase Inhibitor
  2. Incorporating Immunotherapy in the Management of Gastric Cancer: Molecular and Clinical Implications
  3. LncRNAs in breast cancer: a link to future approaches
  4. PDGF-R inhibition induces glioblastoma cell differentiation via DUSP1/p38MAPK signalling
  5. Definition of an Inflammatory Biomarker Signature in Plasma-Derived Extracellular Vesicles of Glioblastoma Patients
  6. Tuneable synthetic reduced graphene oxide scaffolds elicit high levels of three-dimensional glioblastoma interconnectivity in vitro
  7. Reconstituting Immune Surveillance in Breast Cancer: Molecular Pathophysiology and Current Immunotherapy Strategies
  8. The multifaceted role of lemur tyrosine kinase 3 in health and disease
  9. LMTK3 inhibition affects microtubule stability
  10. Protein kinases play a pivotal role in regulating intracellular signal transduction
  11. Cell-derived extracellular vesicles can be used as a biomarker reservoir for glioblastoma tumor subtyping
  12. TGF-β induces miR-100 and miR-125b but blocks let-7a through LIN28B controlling PDAC progression
  13. LMTK3 confers chemo-resistance in breast cancer
  14. microRNAs with prognostic significance in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: A meta-analysis, European Journal of Cancer
  15. LMTK3 Represses Tumor Suppressor-like Genes through Chromatin Remodeling in Breast Cancer, ECell Reports
  16. Characterization of the Tyrosine Kinase-Regulated Proteome in Breast Cancer by Combined use of RNA interference (RNAi) and Stable Isotope Labeling with Amino Acids in Cell Culture (SILAC) Quantitative Proteomics, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics
  17. Whole Genome Sequence Analysis Suggests Intratumoral Heterogeneity in Dissemination of Breast Cancer to Lymph Nodes, PLOS One
  18. The prognostic role of circulating tumor cells in heavily pretreated individuals with a low life expectancy, Future Oncology
  19. ATG9A Loss Confers Resistance to Trastuzumab via c-CbI mediated Her2 Degradation, Oncotarget
  20. Strategies in functional proteomics: Unveiling the pathways to precision oncology, Cancer Letters
  21. Investigating miRNA-mRNA regulatory networks using crosslinking immunoprecipitation methods for biomarker and target discovery in cancer, Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics
  22. Noncoding RNAs and the control of signalling via nuclear receptor regulation in health and disease, Best Practice & Research Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism
  23. Proteome-wide dataset supporting functional study of tyrosine kinases in breast cancer, Data in Brief
  24. Sustained expression of miR-26a promotes chromosomal instability and tumorigenesis through regulation of CHFR, Nucleic Acids Research
  25. Prospective Validation of microRNA Signatures for Detecting Pancreatic Malignant Transformation in Endoscopic-Ultrasound Guided Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsies, Oncotarget
  26. LMTK3 escapes tumour suppressor miRNAs via sequestration of DDX5, Cancer Letters
  27. microRNAs with prognostic significance in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: A meta-analysis, European Journal of Cancer